The Next Generation – Shagun

Interviewed by: Anastasia Harris

A: Tell us a little about yourself!
S: I’m from the Southwest suburbs of Chicago and went to high school close to the University of Chicago at Morgan Park Academy, and that’s when I started volunteering here. I just finished my first year of medical school which was good. The experience was both really hard and really rewarding. I had so many moments that reassured me this is where I want to be and what I want to be doing. I basically always wanted to be in the healthcare profession, even considering dentistry. This was solidified when I worked as a scribe in the ER.

A: How did you learn about the NIDDK program?
S: When I was working in the Bell lab, I met a medical student who was an NIDDK student. After talking with them I was very interested because at the time I wasn’t sure about medical school but thought it was nice to combine research and medicine.

A: How did you decide on your project for the summer?
S: All recently published channel mutation papers group KCNJ11 and ABCC8 into one category. I thought it was important to look at a smaller subset with ABCC8 to shed more light on the potential differences, specifically in regard to ADHD among these participants.

A: What was your favorite part about working in the Bell lab?
S: I have two! This first was working with the people in the lab. Everyone is so excited to learn and are invested in you. Everyone wants to teach you and share their life’s work. I had many opportunities to learn beyond my project through case meeting discussions and learning how to read and use a CGM. The team is so aware that we are future physicians and everyone here is helping to prepare us for that. My other favorite part was the PPWC’s (Post Prandial Walking Club)!

A: What do you enjoy doing for fun (when you’re not studying, of course)?
S: I recently got into cooking via blue apron and recently made honey chipotle glazed chicken poblano and lime rice. Yum!

A: What’s next? Future plans?
S: I’m starting M2 in a week after coming back from Nashville where I will present my summer project. I’m looking forward to my 3rd year where I will go on rotations and see which field of medicine I prefer. Participating in the NIDDK program at the Bell lab made me even more sure that I want to eventually go into research.