Introduction Letter – Monogenic Minute Fall 2015

RochelleWelcome to the second edition of the “Monogenic Minute”, the official newsletter of the University of Chicago Monogenic Diabetes Registry!

Your continued participation in the Monogenic Diabetes Registry is greatly appreciated. Whether it’s completing an annual follow-up survey, updating your contact information, or referring other family members with diabetes, your involvement is truly the fuel for our studies. Learn about more ways you can get involved here.

It has been a productive research year for us. Check out some of our recent publications and presentations here.

We have many exciting new and ongoing projects and collaborations, read more here.

This newsletter edition focuses on GCK-MODY, the second most common form of monogenic diabetes worldwide and the most common form of MODY in our Registry. Brief articles on a variety of topics are presented from several different perspectives. Click on any of the links below to read more:

We hope you enjoy this second issue of the Monogenic Minute. We welcome any suggestions for future issues in the years to come, as we hope to stay connected with all of you who make the Monogenic Diabetes Registry possible!

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Rochelle Naylor, M.D.

Monogenic Diabetes Registry

The University of Chicago Medicine