Kovler Leadership: Friends for the Cure

After months of planning and anticipation, Mardi for a Cure was a smashing success! Hosted by Friends for the Cure, a committee of over 80 individuals dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes, the Mardi for a Cure event raised over $325,000 to support five crucial research projects at the University of Chicago Medicine Kovler Diabetes Center.

Fire throwers greeted almost 600 guests upon entering the venue, The Montgomery Club, owned by Gibsons. Inside, guests received colorful Mardi Gras beads to go with their elaborate masks and festive finery. At the end of the evening, guests joined the band on a celebratory New Orleans-style parade through the crowd.

Kovler is honored to be the recipient of all funds generated from this year’s bash. Kovler families, parents, staff, and faculty thank the Friends for the Cure committee for all their hard work and dedication.

To read more about the five research projects at the University of Chicago being funded by the proceeds of Mardi for a Cure, please visit http://friendsforthecure.com/?page_id=652.

Look for more information to learn more about Friends for the Cure’s next bash to support Kovler in 2015!