Meet Michele Stewart

The University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center takes pride in the talented team of providers who strive every day to offer the most comprehensive care to our patients, and constantly support our mission to expand diabetes care and resources. Michele Stewart, LPN, is an invaluable member of the Kovler team.

Michele graduated in 2007 from Brown Mackie College (Merrillville, IN) where she pursued a career in practical nursing. Since graduating, Michele has gained experience in a range of areas, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Michele connected with Peggy Hasenauer, MS, RN, Kovler’s Executive Director to share her interests, insights, and passion for patient care in her role at Kovler.

KOVLER: How long have you been with the Endocrine Clinic and Kovler Diabetes Center?
MICHELE: As of January 10th, I have been with Kovler for three years.

KOVLER: What has been one of your most memorable experiences with your colleagues or patients with diabetes?
MICHELE: I would not say that I have had one particular experience that outweighs another, although seeing patients who are genuinely grateful for the services they receive is very rewarding.

KOVLER: What interests you most about the work Kovler does from a community standpoint, research standpoint, etc?
MICHELE: Kovler’s community outreach most interests me. I think it’s important to have various activities and events that can help create a healthier, more informed community.

KOVLER: What would you like to see for the future of patient care in Kovler/Endocrine clinic?
MICHELE: Kovler has been doing very well, so I would like to see the continuation of the excellence of services offered to patients and the community.

KOVLER: How would you like to be more involved in Kovler’s mission?
MICHELE: I would like to learn how to be more involved in the service of the community outside of the clinic!

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