Rochelle Naylor, MD, will join the University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center

Rochelle Naylor, MD, joined the Kovler Diabetes Center’s world-class faculty as a pediatric endocrinologist in July 2012.  Dr. Naylor completed her pediatric residency training, including a year as chief resident, at the University of Chicago Medical Center beginning in 2005.  Most recently Dr. Naylor was a pediatric endocrinology fellow at the University of Chicago Medical Center. She completed her fellowship in June 2012 and is proud to join the Kovler team of experts, serving as a diabetes clinician and researcher.

As an Instructor of Pediatrics, Dr. Naylor will continue building her clinical practice, seeing patients two days a week.  In addition, she will continue her research on monogenic diabetes, a rare form of diabetes caused by gene mutations.  Dr. Naylor specifically focuses on a type of monogenic diabetes called MODY (maturity-onset diabetes of the young).  She is actively involved in the Kovler Monogenic Diabetes Registry, which identifies and follows individuals and families affected by these rare forms of diabetes.

“Our research helps to identify individuals with monogenic diabetes and allows for a  precise genetic diagnosis.  This often allows for targeted care of their diabetes with better overall control, based on the gene involved.” said Naylor. “It’s a great example of personalized genetic medicine when someone who was originally thought to have type 1 diabetes can switch from insulin therapy to a pill because they are correctly identified as having a type of MODY that responds well to a specific type of oral medication.”

Dr. Naylor has published research articles and presented her work on monogenic diabetes at local, regional, and national conferences.  While Dr. Naylor finds this recognition and her research very intellectually rewarding, it is the connections that she makes with the families participating in the Registry, as well as the families she cares for in her clinical practice that are the driving force in her career.   “When a family says I am making a difference because of the connection I have with their child or they are grateful because I have helped them to better understand and manage their disease it means so much because patient care is such an important part of my job.”

To make an appointment for your child or teen to see Dr. Naylor, please call 773.702.2371.