Personal Stories

Pavlovec_picJackson Pavlovec’s Story
August 10, 2009

Jackson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the early age of 9 weeks. Instead of worrying about diapers and formula, we stressed over glucose levels, insulin mixture, and how many carbs are in a serving of baby formula. Jackson received a minimum of three insulin injections each day and had his fingers, toes, or feet stuck every two hours for blood samples to check his glucose levels. It was a lifestyle we didn’t want him to endure for the rest of his life.

Hemminger_picEvan Hemminger’s Story
October 23, 2008

Just three months after Douglas and Ailyn Hemminger of Tampa, Florida, brought their infant son, Evan, home from the hospital, he began demanding breast milk constantly. At first they thought it was just a growth spurt, but after an especially difficult night, they decided to visit their pediatrician, Dr. Hoyos. The doctor immediately recognized the classic symptoms of type 1 diabetes in Evan – dry skin, extreme hunger, and very wet diapers. Dr. Hoyos had Evan’s blood sugar checked, and it was over 800. The Hemmingers were sent to the hospital immediately. It was March 3, 2008.

Doc48c7bbdd7bf6f1117977953Adysen Colvin’s Story
September 10, 2008

For nearly 27 years John (J.W.) Colvin, of Hume and formerly of Paris, took insulin injections twice a day after being diagnosed with Type I diabetes at just eight weeks old. Today the insulin shots are no longer necessary, not only for Colvin, but also for his soon-to-be 1-year-old daughter Adysen who was also diagnosed as an infant with Type 1 diabetes.

Butemeyer_picJamie Butemeyer’s Story
August 28, 2008

Even before her daughter, Jamie, was born, Linda Butemeyer wished for an outgoing, enthusiastic, “non-shy” child. She wanted her future daughter to be fun—loving, driven, and unafraid of possibility. Once Jamie was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, she embodied all of the characteristics her mother had hoped for. She was a cheerleader and soccer player at Pioneer Park Elementary School and a dancer at Sherri’s Dance Center, where she earned the nickname “hambone” because she was always “hamming up” the routines by adding her own special moves to them.

Kpj618-11readethanchoc062largeEthan Vartanian’s Story
July 11, 2008

Most days, baby Ethan Vartanian of Yorba Linda took his insulin shots with surprising courage. But some days were tougher than others. His mom Kristen remembers the worst days, when he would go into fits of screaming, crying and pushing her hand away.

Ryan Collins’s Story
May 06, 2008

Ryan Collins of Aldie, Va., was only 10 weeks old when doctors made the diagnosis: Type 1 diabetes. That meant up to eight insulin shots per day, a big burden on him and his family. “He couldn’t be anywhere unless there was someone around to give a shot,” said his mother, Dana Collins. “Everything had to be planned. There was no impromptu anything.” Until last month, that is, when Ryan, now almost 7, stopped needing shots.

Bobos_picMichael Bobos’s Story
April 25, 2008

For Christmas of 2007, Michael Bobos didn’t want anything. After finding out in January that he did not have type 1 diabetes, Michael had already received the best gift of all and enjoyed the best year of his life. That’s because, when he was just 11 days old, Michael’s blood sugar spiked to above 500 and he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. For 14 years, he had to endure finger pricks several times a day, give himself insulin injections, and at the age of 10, start wearing an insulin pump.

Luft_picBalin Luft’s Story
December 27, 2007

When Balin Luft, of Columbus, Ohio, was three and a half months old, his mother, Kim, received a frightening phone call from a babysitter who was looking after him. At the time, Balin was suffering from a respiratory infection. The babysitter was worried. Balin was breathing exceptionally rapidly.

Lundfelt_picCameron Lundfelt’s Story
June 28, 2007

Cameron Lundfelt was just five months old when what seemed like a mild cold quickly turned into a devastating diagnosis: type 1 diabetes. All of a sudden his breathing became labored and his parents decided to call a nurse hotline. The nurse had Cameron’s mom, Alissa, hold the phone up to his mouth so she could hear him breathe. She then told the Lundfelts to get to a doctor right away.

6414629_bg1Wendy Rowlett and her son Nick’s Story
April 25, 2007

There’s been a breakthrough for diabetes patients who are having success after quitting their insulin shots. It’s for patients diagnosed with diabetes at a very early age. Some of the patients might not be type one at all. They have a genetic mutation, and their treatment is different. The only US case of mother and child is in Indiana.

Moore_picLauren Moore’s Story
April 12, 2007

At four years old, Lauren Moore doesn’t fully understand how drastically her future has just been altered. She never worried about her life expectancy, or getting married, or even going to school—but her parents did. Mom Melissa says Lauren exhibited classic symptoms of type 1 diabetes from birth—she drank a tremendous amount of milk and soaked her diapers, yet struggled to put on weight. Despite Melissa’s suggestion to the doctor that Lauren might have type 1 diabetes, she was six months old and in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) before she was diagnosed.

Jaffe_picLilly Jaffe’s Story
March 30, 2007

Lilly Jaffe, of Chicago, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes more than six years ago, at the tender age of one month. What has happened to Lilly over the past few months is remarkable. READ MORE